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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Our Open Morning on Tuesday saw approximately 20 families visit our classes, specialist areas and observe students in action doing an array of activities. It is always a joy to showcase our school to prospective families as our happy, friendly students and the hospitable atmosphere felt throughout the school is always acknowledged by our visitors.

This week is Book Week with the theme being ‘Reading is my Secret Power’.  Michele Dick, Wendy Hill and the staff Book Week committee have been busy organising Book Week activities for the students with excitement building for our Book Week Parade which takes place tomorrow morning after our assembly. No doubt, there will be some very imaginative costumes related to the theme. One very exciting thing is waiting to see what some of our staff members will be dressed as at our assembly!!

Thanks is extended to Michele and Wendy for coordinating the Scholastic Book Fair this week. I thank all families who have supported the Scholastic Book Fair as it assists with building up appropriate resources for our library. Next year, our Library will return to its original place and Book Week will be bigger and more exciting due to the extra space.

St Martin’s students on the whole, wear their uniform correctly and with pride. However, the following points need to be noted

  1. Sports uniform is worn only on days that the class has Be Active, Sports lessons with Mr Woods and when the class teacher has informed the class. It is not to be worn every day of the week
  2. Formal winter and summer uniform is to be worn at all other times
  3. St Martin’s sports socks are to be worn with the sports uniform which are purchased from the Uniform Shop
  4. Predominately white sports shoes are to be worn on sport uniform days please – there are some students wearing coloured sneakers and reminder notes have been sent home advising their parents of the correct footwear
  5. A school hat is worn at break times and during outdoor lessons this term.

As of tomorrow (Friday August 23rd), all Enrolment Census Forms for 2020 are due back, however there are still some outstanding. We have commenced planning for the 2020 school year and it is vital that these forms are returned as soon as possible.

Parents are reminded that St Martin’s Catholic Primary School Board policy is that one term’s notice is required if students are not returning to school the following year and if this has not been done, then one term’s school fees are applied for late notification.

Advance notice is given that our annual Sports Day is in four weeks on Friday September 13th at Greenacres Reserve from 10:30am – 2:30pm.  Further information about this event will be sent home over the coming weeks, including a consent form for students to walk to and from the reserve.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Carly Ryan Foundation workshop hosted at our school last night. Sonya Ryan was the keynote speaker who presented a very informative session on internet safety and provided some great examples on ways parents can protect their children when using the internet. A bouquet of thanks is also extended to the Parent Network for providing coffee and biscuits during the evening.

Enjoy the week

Christine Comas