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The general capabilities play a significant role in the Australian Curriculum in equipping young Australians to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

General capabilities are a key dimension of the Australian Curriculum, supporting young Australians to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

The Australian Curriculum includes seven general capabilities. These are:

  • Literacy capability
  • Numeracy capability
  • Information and Communication Technology capability
  • Critical and Creative Thinking capability
  • Personal and Social capability
  • Ethical Understanding capability
  • Intercultural Understanding capability.

In the Australian Curriculum, capability encompasses knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions. Students develop capability when they apply knowledge and skills confidently, effectively and appropriately in complex and changing circumstances, in their learning at school and in their lives outside school. ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) Website.

This week, we have received our 2019 NAPLAN results. On an individual level, these results will give us a snapshot of a student’s Literacy and Numeracy capability at a particular time on a particular day. These results will not give us a picture of how the student is performing over the whole two years between tests, neither will they give us much information on how your child is succeeding in the other five capabilities. At St. Martin’s, we are very lucky to have the expertise of Helen Young, who will analyse this data and present her findings to the staff over the next few weeks. We will then use this information to look at our school wide practices to inform us of areas we may need to do work in as a staff, to ensure that our students are receiving an education that is effective and will help them to flourish.

If your child sat these tests this year, I encourage you to remember that your child is much more than a NAPLAN score. He or she is a complex being who learns at different rates and in many different ways. A conversation with your child and their teachers will give you a better picture of their success as a learner, than one test. This information is only one piece in the puzzle that is your child. By all means, celebrate your child’s effort and achievement if this is applicable when you see their results but I encourage you to remember how important this information is in the big picture of your child as Learner.

In Week 10 of this term, 24 of our students will represent our school in the Catholic Schools Music Festival Choir. This year, we are very pleased to announce that choir member, Kaya Shah of 5G has been chosen to perform in a special group of soloists for the Catholic Music Festival. Kaya wowed judges with her rendition of “My Lord, what a morning” in front of students from 17 schools and choir trainers in two separate rounds of auditions to win a place on stage. We wish her good luck for her final performance at the Catholic Schools Music Festival on Wednesday 25th September at the Festival Theatre.

Christine Comas, Rose Valenti and myself will spend three days this week at the Australian Primary Principals Association Conference. The theme will be exploring is LEADING THE WAY: collaboration l connection l community. We look forward to sharing our learning with you upon our return.


Susanne Harding

Deputy Principal