Students learn about nutrition, courtesy, hygiene and money through the canteen.

The Canteen menu and price list are available via the Qkr! App.

The Canteen offers a range of vegetarian and gluten free food options.

Recess and lunch orders are made using the Qkr! App.  (See link below for Qkr! App installation instructions.) Over the counter cash sales at lunchtime remain an option for students to purchase ice blocks, snacks, etc. Parents are asked to use discretion in the giving of spending money to their children – preferably no more than $5.00 to be brought to school.

At recess and lunch time, the orders are collected by a class monitor and distributed in the classroom.

Each term, there is a special lunch order day which is advertised via the newsletter and email to all families.  Orders are made using the Qkr! App.