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There is much talk of ‘as we return to normal’ or ‘as our lives return to our pre-COVID existence’ but I wonder if that will ever be the case, or importantly, if we would ever want to ‘return’. There is so much I do not want to lose from this fallow time. I do not want to lose the connections I have made with my own young adult children by spending so much time with them. I do not want to rush back to that lifestyle that afforded little time for neighbourhood strolls, bush walks or beach walks. I want to continue to have time to make phone calls to catch up or check-up on family and friends. Even though it has meant 10 yard duties a week for some of us, I do not want to miss the opportunity of greeting and farewelling our students at the gate each day. I do not want our happy, capable students to lose the independence they have gained through walking through the gate each morning on their own, or with their friends. Last Thursday, we welcomed our 25 Term 3 Transition students to school for the first of their transition visits. We all marvelled at the fact that whilst we had a few nervous students, we did not have one student who cried or needed a parent to accompany them to their classroom. As educators with too many years’ experience to mention between us, we had never seen this before. Upon reflection, we wonder whether the fact that these children have been leaving their parents at the gate/door at Kindy/Childcare over the last few months has helped them to be more independent and in fact, whether as parents, we sometimes get in the way of this important development.

What do you not want to lose from this time?

What are you determined to keep?

I would love to hear from you regarding any practices you think we should keep as a school, or anything you are desperate to have reinstated. My email contact is

One practice we ask that you keep, is that of not sending any student to school who is not well. We are trying to keep our community safe and well so any child who is unwell at school will be sent home.

This week, we have had a Traffic Engineer from the Port Adelaide Enfield Council observing our school. We are hoping that she will have some constructive ideas as to how we can more efficiently and safely drop off and pick up students from St. Martin’s. 

Next Friday is Cultural Day at St. Martin’s. Whilst this year’s celebrations will not be as grand and involved as usual, we still have a fun day planned and I look forward to seeing our students (and staff) in cultural dress.


Keep safe and well.

Susanne Harding

Deputy Principal