The Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what all young Australians should be taught, regardless of where they live in Australia or their background.

ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) draws on the best national talent and expertise, and consults widely to develop the Australian Curriculum.


Religious Education

The Religious Education Program at St Martin's Catholic Primary School aims to promote the spiritual and moral development of students within the context of a Catholic tradition. Students are encouraged to see themselves as people created by a loving God and to respond to that according to their age and stage of development. Our students learn about the Catholic Christian story through Scripture, the experience of the Sacraments, liturgy, tradition and the lives of the people and world around us.

Religious Education at St Martin's Catholic Primary School is taught using the Crossways Religious Education Framework. Classroom programs follow a development and age appropriate sequential program of study.

Students have the opportunity to engage in religious practice through their participation in classroom prayer and reflection and through whole school and small group liturgical celebrations.

At St Martin's Catholic Primary School, we acknowledge the diversity of Catholicity that exists within the Church in Australia and the world and its teachings on inclusions of culture within the faith. In particular, we have a responsibility to make our students aware of Australia's indigenous spiritual tradition and culture.