Curriculum Support Programs

Educational Support Programs

We believe that:

  • our treatment of all people should be fair, just and inclusive
  • each student is an individual developing at different rates and this needs to be considered when planning and evaluating the learning program
  • each student should be given the opportunity to develop to their full potential
  • the learning program be structured so that each student can experience ongoing success at their own level
  • success and affirmation will build a student's self esteem.

Therefore we will set out to create an advantageous climate of support, empathy and care throughout the whole school so that students can develop to their full potential.

Commonwealth Funded Program

Catholic Education Office provides support for students with specific disabilities identified and assessed by a person with the relevant qualifications. Specific disabilities include:

  • intellectual impairment
  • physical impairment
  • social and emotional impairment
  • hearing impairment
  • visual impairment
  • severe multiple disability.

Inclusive Practices

St Martin’s Catholic Primary School aims to cater for all students' rights to access the curriculum appropriate to their own individual needs and abilities.

Inclusion is:

  • involving everyone at their level
  • creating opportunities for all to succeed
  • recognising differences, beliefs, understandings and backgrounds
  • recognising the strengths and weaknesses of all ensuring growth and development
  • whole school ownership and commitment
  • challenging programs
  • the right to access an education that successfully caters for student’s individual needs socially, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

Adaptive Education

Adaptive Education students are those who experience literacy and/or numeracy learning difficulties and, as a consequence, receive some form of curriculum adaptation through their classroom teacher or through small group support. These students receive no Commonwealth funding.