Homework is a part of the total educational experience. It is a continuation or extension of the classroom and is intended to enrich and extend student initiative.

The purpose of homework

  • To reinforce learning by providing practice and application of skills or completion of familiar, unfinished work.
  • To develop responsibility and independent study habits through learning to manage time.
  • To utilise out-of-school resources for learning, giving students the opportunity to explore, create and broaden interests without classroom limits.
  • To incorporate parents or significant others into the students’ school experiences through related home activities.

General Guidelines for Homework

Homework must be suited to the needs and abilities of the individual student with consideration to the availability of materials needed to complete the assignment.

Homework assignments should be specific. Students should know what is expected of them and the task should be within the student’s ability. The teacher will introduce the concept or skill and provide guided practice before making the homework assignment. The purpose, appropriateness, quality, and timeliness of homework should be evaluated periodically.