The strength of St Martin's is our school community.

Our parents and caregivers are involved in the school in a number of ways, which helps to build our community into a welcoming, friendly place.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) at St Martin’s Catholic Primary School is an important part of both the school and local community.  Collaboration and shared vision allows us to promote continuity across various environments. OSHC provides a safe environment for all children to learn and grow using exploration and play based experiences.

Playgroup is offered on Friday mornings and is a great way to get to know our school community.  

"I have attended St Martin’s since Reception and am now in Year 7 – one of the last Year 7 students at St Martin’s.  Our school has so many positives from the most basic school values to the littlest details.  Being a student that comes from a totally different culture, I couldn’t speak fluent English and was a very shy student when I first started school. However, St Martin’s School provided me and many other students with a warm welcome. I would say that our school’s best excellency is how international it is and how we get to learn and respect each other for being different. 

Another quality is how our school engages with nature. We have gardens and nature play areas, including chickens and a frog pond. The Junior Primary students enjoy playing in the mud garden, planting and learning about nature.  The Senior students show responsibility by taking charge of feeding chickens and watering the growing plants. The school-grown fruit and vegetables can be used in cooking sessions, snacks for our Open Days or included in the soup we make for the homeless centre we support."

Yoo Jung